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Infrared Light Blocking Foil Test for FTIR Multi-Touch Tables

Figure 1: The Virttable’s display with (right) and without (left) the chosen IR blocking foil. Some time back, I’ve bought some infrared blocking foil for the Virttable from the German foil store Ifoha. Infrared blocking foil is an approach for

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Microsoft Surface Vision System

Very interesting: Surface tracks shapes with its vision system. There are five cameras in the Surface. The system has a very high resolution (dice can be tracked). Surface uses high-power leds with a mirror system. via blogs.msdn.com

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I am going to present a few projects on my blog in which I collaborated in one or the other way. The project UNFOCUS – FOCUS is a multi-touch and TUI project that makes use of our fiducialtuioas3 classes. What

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Building process of the DIY Multi-Touch and Tangible User Interface Table The Virttable

Watch photo set on Flickr.

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The Multi-Touch Table Virttable [Update]

The second multi-touch table, that I have built is called The Virttable, which stands for Versatile Illumination Research Touch Table. This table is the property of the department for Design, Computer Science and Media (DCSM) of the Wiesbaden University of

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