“Mind The Gap” – An Interactive 3D Visualization of the London Underground

3D Visualization London Underground

Bruno Imbrizi made a great interactive 3D visualization of the London Underground system.

Check out the visualization here.

via Transit Maps

Actionscript Adobe Air Featured Multi-Touch Success Stories Tangible Interfaces Visualization


I am going to present a few projects on my blog in which I collaborated in one or the other way. The project UNFOCUS – FOCUS is a multi-touch and TUI project that makes use of our fiducialtuioas3 classes.

UNFOCUS - FOCUS interface

What is UNFOCUS – FOCUS about?
How can we know what we do not see?

Video Projection Visualization

An Approach to Video Projection on Buildings

Recently, i came across a few videos of video projections on buildings and have been very intrigued. However, they seem to be studies made with After Effects. This is my favorite video:

Projection on Buildings from NuFormer Digital Media on Vimeo.

Actionscript Adobe Air fh wiesbaden flare Flash flex Hochschule RheinMain Multi-Touch Tangible Interfaces Visualization

Vispol Tangible and Multi-Touch Interface Video

This video presents the results of the Bachelor thesis of Frederic Friess at the Vislab of the Wiesbaden University of Applied Sciences. I have been Frederic’s mentor under the guidance of Prof. Dr. Doerner for this work.

Actionscript Announcement django Flash flex Multi-Touch Portfolio Tangible Interfaces Visualization

Pf Design Media Installation

I helped Sensory Minds to build an interactive multi-touch and tangible media installation for a Werkschau of students from the Hochschule Pforzheim. Graduates are represented by objects that are provided with a fiducial on the underside and a picture of the work on the upper side. As soon as the object is added to the table, pictures of the student’s projects will be loaded and circularly arranged around the object. Those pictures can be browsed via multi-touch. If a user taps on a project picture all pictures to this project will be loaded and will be arranged on a second circle around the project images.

Actionscript Adobe Air flare Flash flex Hochschule RheinMain Visualization

Vispol Multi-Touch Video

This video demonstrates the fundamental multi-touch functions of Vispol. The demonstrated functions contain the creation and modification of persons and objects and connections. Additionally, examples for the application of the layout functions in Vispol are being introduced.

Click here for further information about Vispol.

You can try out the mouse version of Vispol here.

Announcement Flash flex Hochschule RheinMain Multi-Touch Portfolio Visualization

My Master’s Thesis Project: Vispol – An Interactive Scenario Visualization

As part of my Master’s thesis with the title Conception, Realization and Evaluation of Multi-Touch Interfaces for Interactive Visualizations, there has been the goal to create an interactive visualization that can be used via multi-touch. Finally, this visualization should be evaluated, which means it should be thoroughly tested and there should be some results in numbers.


Vispol on Sensory Mind‘s Round Table:

Paper: Read a summary about Vispol in this paper.

Desktop version:
Try out Vispol (Flash necessary)

Background information:
This multi-touch visualization should be different from the common multi-touch use cases scaling/rotating images and zooming in maps. Additionally, this visualization should have a dedicated use and should not just be a prototype that demoes basic multi-touch capabilities.


I have been intrigued by the interactive visualizations in Minority Report, which provided natural user interaction for profiling activities of a policeman in future.


Nice: Microsoft’s 2019 Future Vision Montage

Multi-Touch Visualization

A few Multi-Touch Impressions from the Cebit ’09

At the Telekom booth there has been a long kind of bar multi-touch table. It is not rectangular but a curve. However, the quality of the projection has not been even as the creators of this table used different projections and did not get the projection illumination even. The application has been quite simple: Photo and video browsing. Anyway, it is looking very impressive:

Cebit 09: Multi-Touch Bar at the Booth of the Telekom

Cebit 09: Multi-Touch Bar at the Booth of the Telekom 2

Cebit 09: Multi-Touch Bar at the Booth of the Telekom 3

Multi-Touch Visualization

Nice one: Microsoft SecondLight

Somhow I must have missed this one: Microsoft published SecondLight.

This is a system that is able to project a second image through the tabletop of a multi-touch screen onto a sheet of paper or whatever you want to use. But take a look at this video:

Actually, this is great. Anyway, I would not know what applications could use SecondLight except the obvious magic lens applications. Thus, I embrace following cite from the according SecondLight engagdet post:
Like the Surface, practical applications for this seem somewhat limited — but since when have you cared about practicality?