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A Few Impressions From Vispol on the Round Table at the Fair “Moderner Staat”


As already mentioned in this post, we presented Vispol at the booth of the state of Hessen/Germany at the fair “Moderner Staat” in Berlin on 24. and 25. November 2009. Vispol has been shown on the round multi-touch and TUI table from Sensory Minds.

Here are a few photos from the fair. Please apologize the poor quality of the photos as my camera did not see the sense in making proper use of its auto-focus functionality.

Announcement Multi-Touch Tangible Interfaces Vispol

Vispol at the “Moderner Staat” Fair in Berlin from 24. – 25. November 2009


My software Vispol will be shown at the booth of the state of Hessen/Germany at the fair “Moderner Staat” in Berlin on 24. and 25. November 2009.

It will be shown on the new really cool round [!] multi-touch and TUI table from sensory minds.

I will be there on both days.

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Webandwine 2009

It has been a while since I gave a presentation about Natural User Interfaces at the webandwine event by the company mediaman on 7 May 2009. However, I found those two quite nice pictures of my presentation on the blog of Frank Hamm that I wanted to show here:

Johannes Luderschmidt Explaining Object Ineraction with Reactivision

Actionscript Announcement django Flash flex Multi-Touch Portfolio Tangible Interfaces Visualization

Pf Design Media Installation

I helped Sensory Minds to build an interactive multi-touch and tangible media installation for a Werkschau of students from the Hochschule Pforzheim. Graduates are represented by objects that are provided with a fiducial on the underside and a picture of the work on the upper side. As soon as the object is added to the table, pictures of the student’s projects will be loaded and circularly arranged around the object. Those pictures can be browsed via multi-touch. If a user taps on a project picture all pictures to this project will be loaded and will be arranged on a second circle around the project images.

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My Master’s Thesis Project: Vispol – An Interactive Scenario Visualization

As part of my Master’s thesis with the title Conception, Realization and Evaluation of Multi-Touch Interfaces for Interactive Visualizations, there has been the goal to create an interactive visualization that can be used via multi-touch. Finally, this visualization should be evaluated, which means it should be thoroughly tested and there should be some results in numbers.


Vispol on Sensory Mind‘s Round Table:

Paper: Read a summary about Vispol in this paper.

Desktop version:
Try out Vispol (Flash necessary)

Background information:
This multi-touch visualization should be different from the common multi-touch use cases scaling/rotating images and zooming in maps. Additionally, this visualization should have a dedicated use and should not just be a prototype that demoes basic multi-touch capabilities.


I have been intrigued by the interactive visualizations in Minority Report, which provided natural user interaction for profiling activities of a policeman in future.

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The Virttable at iTec ’08 [Update]

We are proudly announcing that the Virttable will feature at an IT exhibition called iTec ’08 at the darmstadtium in Darmstadt, Germany on 6 and 7 November.

This is a small version of the poster with which we will present features of the Virttable at iTec ’08:

Multi-touch table The Virttable poster
Multi-touch table The Virttable poster

Many thanks to Melanie Seyer, who designed the poster for me!

Update: Two photographs from our booth at the iTEC:

Virttable booth at iTEC \'08
Virttable booth at iTEC '08

Johannes Luderschmidt and the Virttable booth at iTEC \'08
Johannes Luderschmidt and the Virttable booth at iTEC '08

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TimeTube Article in the G.I.T. Laboratory Journal

Our article about the project TimeTube we’ve been developing since last year has been published by the G.I.T Laboratory Journal Europe in the current Laboratory Journal issue 7-8/2008.

Snapshot from TimeTube Article
TimeTube article

Feel free to download the article TimeTube – Assist Scientists to Enhance Laboratory Scheduling in PDF format.

Announcement MySQL PHP Portfolio

Portfolio Website for the Designer Benjamin Bartels

For the website I have done all the frontend (xhtml, css, js) and the backend programming. One part of the website is Benjamin’s CV:


In another part Benjamin presents images and videos of portfolio projects that he has done so far. Those images and videos can be browsed easily with a paging navigation:


To be able to add and modify jobs, images and videos Benjamin wanted a backend in which he could easily upload pictures and videos of portfolio projects he has done so far. Thus, I have created a mini Portfolio CMS (written in PHP, using a MySQL database) in which Benjamin can edit his projects, can apply them to categories (e.g. advertising, editorial/print, illustration) and can finally upload images and videos with short descriptions:


Update: As has been intended to be used for his application tour Benjamin took most of the content offline after he has found himself a nice job. However, in this (very, very nice) gringografico job you can at least see how jobs have been intended to be used.

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Hi! This is the blog to my profession. I will use it to upload work related stuff.