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SecuVa – A Collaborative Gesture Framework Supporting Tabletop User Interfaces

In the course of his Master thesis at the Hochschule RheinMain, Tim Hofmann researched the possibilities of collaborative gestures on tabletop user interfaces. I supervised his thesis and am really impressed what Tim has created.

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A Few HCI International 2013 Impressions

Currently, I am attending the conference HCI International 2013 to present the EMIL paper by our research group. HCI International is a conference on human factors similar to CHI and it is huge with 1666 accepted papers and 264 parallel

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A 3D-Printable Set of Tangible Objects

At the Hochschule RheinMain, we experiment with tangible user interfaces (TUI) a lot. We are especially interested in improving the authoring process of TUIs. On one hand of the creation process is the software issue how the interaction and the

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Hoverreact – An In-the-Air Gesture-Framework based on TUIO AS3 and SPIRITED

Dominik Huppmann accomplished his Master’s Thesis at the Hochschule RheinMain about the possibilities of a combined touch and in-the-air gestural interaction space. I supervised his thesis and am really proud of what Dominik achieved.

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The TwinTable – A Multi-Touch Tabletop System for Tangible Interaction

The TwinTable is a multi-touch tabletop system that Simon Lehmann and I have built at the RheinMain University. After my previous table, the Virttable, we wanted to go for something bigger and with Full HD. Furthermore, our goal was a

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A Rear-Projection Mirror Fixture System for Multi-Touch Tabletops

Our multi-touch tabletop system TwinTable employs a rear-projected display with a diameter of approx. 46″. For the projection, we use an Acer H7350D DLP projector with FullHD resolution. In order to project the image correctly, we had to design a

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Combining the Microsoft Kinect with a Multi-Touch Tabletop System

In the context of our research work at the RheinMain University of Applied Sciences (see also, we combined two depth sensing cameras with a multi-touch tabletop system.

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Actracktive – Combined Multi-Touch and Fiducial Tracking for FTIR and DI Setups

My colleague Simon Lehmann has built the tracking framework Actracktive.

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ThrongOSCDeck – an OSC & TUIO Recorder and Player [Update]

I have been looking for an application on the Internet that allows to record TUIO streams. However, I did not find a sufficient solution for this problem. Thus, I decided to write my own application called ThrongOSCDeck that can accomplish

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Throng – a Cross-Platform Multiplexer for Tuio Messages and Packets

Throng (Tuio multiplexeR that crOps and Globalizes) provides a Tuio multiplexer with added benefits written in Java.

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