Surface2TUIO – Microsoft Surface 2 aka Samsung SUR40 TUIO Overlay [Update]

As I have read in a comment in the blog accompanying our TUIO AS3 project, there is a software overlay that you can use on a Surface 2 tabletop system to forward the Microsoft touch and fiducial events via TUIO to TUIO-based apps. I have not tried it so far but hopefully I will have […]

ThrongOSCDeck – an OSC & TUIO Recorder and Player [Update]

I have been looking for an application on the Internet that allows to record TUIO streams. However, I did not find a sufficient solution for this problem. Thus, I decided to write my own application called ThrongOSCDeck that can accomplish this task. It builds upon my Throng application that can be used to multiplex TUIO […]

Microsoft Surface TUIO Overlay SurfaceToTuio

In terms of the NUI research project Squidy at the Konstanz University the TUIO overlay SurfaceToTuio has been developed for Microsoft Surface. Download the SurfaceToTuio component from the sourceforge project site (or via direct download). SurfaceToTuio is available as source code only (there is no executable). However, you can just upload the SurfaceToTuio folder to […]

Stantum SMK-15.4 Multi-Touch Development Kit

I recently had opportunity to lay my fingers onto a Stantum SMK-15.4 Multi-Touch Development Kit. The SMK-15.4 is a TFT panel with a resolution of 1280*800 pixels, which is equipped with a foil that contains a net of transparent capacitors, which can track multiple touches. Thus, the SMK-15.4’s touch principle is similar to the iPhone’s. […]