Touchlib Config.xml Blobconfig Parameters, What They Do and What They Do not Do

Recently, I have been working on the Touchlib in order to refine some things, which always bothered me and to add some things of which I think that they would come in handy e.g. a full-grown Pointgrey Flycapture2 filter that allows me to edit the Pointgrey Firefly MV camera’s settings in a way that I […]

Sound Design (for Multi-Touch Apps)

Sound design has been an issue that I have disregarded so far in my multi-touch applications. However, a good sound design should be very beneficial for user experience in a multi-touch installation. As I had no clue on how to create sounds I have been happy when I came across the sound design tutorials of […]

TUIO 1.0 Protocol Specification

Finally, the Universitat Pompeu Fabra in Barcelona guys around Martin Kaltenbrunner released a special page for TUIO that explains the protocol in more detail and with some examples. In the past it had not been that easy to extract all necessary information from their TUIO paper. Just in time, before they will hopefully release TUIO […]

Stantum SMK-15.4 Multi-Touch Development Kit

I recently had opportunity to lay my fingers onto a Stantum SMK-15.4 Multi-Touch Development Kit. The SMK-15.4 is a TFT panel with a resolution of 1280*800 pixels, which is equipped with a foil that contains a net of transparent capacitors, which can track multiple touches. Thus, the SMK-15.4’s touch principle is similar to the iPhone’s. […]