Adobe Air 2 Beta 2 VerifyError: Error #1014 (under Mac OS X and Win XP)

Recently, I made my first steps in Adobe Air 2. As Air 2 is still in Beta version (currently in Beta 2, which was released on February 2, 2010) there still could be some problems when working with it.

As I work with Flex Builder 3 I downloaded and configured Air 2 with Flex SDK 3.4 accordingly to Adobe’s manual and everything worked and compiled nicely as well on Mac OS X as on Windows XP (yes, I tried both).

I tried to use UDP datagram sockets within my app (in order to get a direct TUIO connection via OSC/UDP), which are supported by Adobe Air beginning with Air 2. However, whenever I tried to start my compiled Air app in Flex Builder with the adl from Adobe Air 2 I got this error message:
VerifyError: Error #1014: Class could not be found. (with the additional stack trace).

I got rid of that message under Windows XP by following the hint by Adobe that the namespace in the app descriptor from Air has to be changed to Adobe Air 2 beta 2’s:

<application xmlns="">

Now, my UDP datagram sockets work nicely under Windows XP. However, if I configure everthing accordingly under Mac OS X matters get worse. The app crashes and I get a native error stacktrace from the adl player.

In my opinion the implementation of the adl under Mac OS X is buggy, which is quite normal for a beta release. Thus, I filed an error message at Adobe’s website.

However, if you try to do the same and you get things working on Mac OS X it would be nice if you dropped me a comment.

By the way: I tried to use the new Touch functionality in Adobe Air 2 under Windows 7 with a HP Touchsmart and it works quite well (except there are no gestures supported as Windows 7 proposes them). Maybe, I find the time to write a follow-up article on this…

Update: It seems like the problem is not connected with Mac OS X but with my version of Flex Builder 3. I moved ahead to Flash Builder 4 beta 2 and now all the Adobe Air 2 beta 2 functionality works.

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