Surface2TUIO – Microsoft Surface 2 aka Samsung SUR40 TUIO Overlay [Update]

As I have read in a comment in the blog accompanying our TUIO AS3 project, there is a software overlay that you can use on a Surface 2 tabletop system to forward the Microsoft touch and fiducial events via TUIO to TUIO-based apps. I have not tried it so far but hopefully I will have the opportunity to test it, soon. If so, I will report here. Yesterday I had the opportunity to test Surface2TUIO on a Samsung SUR40 device. It works like a bliss. After starting it, a small window opens telling that Surface2TUIO should be working. The application simply forwards Microsoft touch events as TUIO messages. By the way: Surface applications are still working next to Surface2TUIO.

As the link to Surface2TUIO in the forum is dead, you can download it here in the meantime.

Using Surface2Tuio on a Microsoft Surface 2 tabletop system (aka Samsung SUR40).

Using Surface2Tuio on a Microsoft Surface 2 tabletop system (aka Samsung SUR40).

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  • Hi!

    Can you help me? I tried to download the Surface2Tuio, but the link is dead… Do you have this software? Could you please send me? My email is [email protected]

    Thanks you!

  • hi mate, maybe a silly question but if i run this on a surface table and then build my Adobe Air app to receive all of the data through the TUIO framework, how do i go about getting the app to work ? would i have to run the surface table in Windows mode or is there a way to have Adobe Air running in surface mode ? just trying to make a judgement call on what technology to build my app in 🙂

  • you run the surface in tuio mode. the air app does not need to be changed at all if it already receives tangible events via tuio.

  • hi, thanks for that, i have not written the app yet so am open to suggestions on best ways, i don’t really get what you mean with run the surface in tuio mode ? thought it could only be ran as Surface or Windows mode ?

  • another quick question i had is that does this software allow the byte tag data to come through as well ?

  • well, one very important point of the whole windows->tuio implementation thing was to have the tags in tuio. this means that the byte tags work in tuio.

    regarding the ‘tuio mode’, there åctually is no such thing as a tuio mode. you basically run the surface in windows mode, start the overlay application and then start your tuio app. the overlay translates the windows events into tuio messages/events.

  • brilliant, this is exactly how i saw it working, many thanks again for your help 🙂