Hoverreact – An In-the-Air Gesture-Framework based on TUIO AS3 and SPIRITED

Dominik Huppmann accomplished his Master’s Thesis at the Hochschule RheinMain about the possibilities of a combined touch and in-the-air gestural interaction space. I supervised his thesis and am really proud of what Dominik achieved.

Dominik’s work is based on our combined TwinTable and Kinect setup driven by Actracktive and SPIRITED. The AS3 code is based on TUIO AS3 that was developed in a joint research project of the Hochschule RheinMain and the TU Wien.

For further information, read Dominik’s paper about ‘Exploring and Evaluating the Combined Multi-Touch and In-the-Air Tabletop Interaction Space’.

Check out the long version of the video:

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