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A 3D-Printable Set of Tangible Objects

At the Hochschule RheinMain, we experiment with tangible user interfaces (TUI) a lot. We are especially interested in improving the authoring process of TUIs. On one hand of the creation process is the software issue how the interaction and the

constructable: interactive lasercutting

A very nice research project that shows the strength of interactive authoring tools in combination with product design.

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Make: Ultimate Guide to 3D Printing

The Make magazine published a special issue for 3D printing beginners. I received my copy yesterday and flipped through its pages quickly. It gives an excellent introduction about materials, file formats and 3D printing technology in general. Additionally, the issue

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Animated Gif of Printing an iPhone 5 Dock from Thingiverse with the Ultimaker

As there is still no official iPhone 5 dock available by Apple, I decided to print my own dock with the Ultimaker using a template from Thingiverse. I took some pictures while printing it and assembled an animated gif. If

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Twisting Kochflake Vase from Thingiverse Printed with the Ultimaker

I love the possibilities of printing 3D objects with the Ultimaker. One of the first things I printed is this stunningly beautifully twisted Kochflake vase from Thingiverse. The shape of the vase is based on the Koch Snowflake fractal curve.

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Full Color 3D Prints at EuroMold 2012 Using ZPrinters

Additionally to the range of fascinating cheap 3D printers at EuroMold, I was really intrigued by the 3D color prints produced by the ZPrinters from 3D Systems. Those prints really look great. However, ZPrinters are ‘a bit’ more expensive than

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Cheap Readily Assembled 3D Printers at EuroMold 2012: 3D Systems Cube, Fabbster, MakerBot, German RepRap

Today I attended the Euromold 2012 in Frankfurt/Main. I was mainly interested in affordable 3D printing. As there are many printer kits that you can order online and assemble at home (which is fun but sometimes also tedious work) I

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