Animated Gif of Printing an iPhone 5 Dock from Thingiverse with the Ultimaker

As there is still no official iPhone 5 dock available by Apple, I decided to print my own dock with the Ultimaker using a template from Thingiverse. I took some pictures while printing it and assembled an animated gif. If you want to know how to create an animated GIF, here is an explanation.

Twisting Kochflake Vase from Thingiverse Printed with the Ultimaker

I love the possibilities of printing 3D objects with the Ultimaker. One of the first things I printed is this stunningly beautifully twisted Kochflake vase from Thingiverse. The shape of the vase is based on the Koch Snowflake fractal curve. I love how the vase looks different in all kinds of lighting situations. Take a […]

Full Color 3D Prints at EuroMold 2012 Using ZPrinters

Additionally to the range of fascinating cheap 3D printers at EuroMold, I was really intrigued by the 3D color prints produced by the ZPrinters from 3D Systems. Those prints really look great. However, ZPrinters are ‘a bit’ more expensive than the cheap 3D printers (ZPrinter pricing starts at approx. 14.000€). Take a look at the […]

Cheap Readily Assembled 3D Printers at EuroMold 2012: 3D Systems Cube, Fabbster, MakerBot, German RepRap

Today I attended the Euromold 2012 in Frankfurt/Main. I was mainly interested in affordable 3D printing. As there are many printer kits that you can order online and assemble at home (which is fun but sometimes also tedious work) I was wondering what readily assembled printers you can buy at which prices. So, here are […]