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Fix Broken WordPress RSS Feed Due to HTML Above the XML Declaration

I had the problem that my RSS feed was broken due to HTML that appeared above the XML declaration.

Announcement MySQL PHP Portfolio

Portfolio Website for the Designer Benjamin Bartels

For the website I have done all the frontend (xhtml, css, js) and the backend programming. One part of the website is Benjamin’s CV:


In another part Benjamin presents images and videos of portfolio projects that he has done so far. Those images and videos can be browsed easily with a paging navigation:


To be able to add and modify jobs, images and videos Benjamin wanted a backend in which he could easily upload pictures and videos of portfolio projects he has done so far. Thus, I have created a mini Portfolio CMS (written in PHP, using a MySQL database) in which Benjamin can edit his projects, can apply them to categories (e.g. advertising, editorial/print, illustration) and can finally upload images and videos with short descriptions:


Update: As has been intended to be used for his application tour Benjamin took most of the content offline after he has found himself a nice job. However, in this (very, very nice) gringografico job you can at least see how jobs have been intended to be used.