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Wivi: Wikipedia Visualization

Simon Lehmann, a fellow student of mine from the visualization classes of the Computer Sciences department at the Wiesbaden University of Applied Sciences, has created the very nice Wikipedia visualization Wivi in the work of his Diploma thesis:

Screenshot of Wivi
Screenshot of Wivi
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Progress 2nd multi-touch table

My 2nd table now has got a lid and the paintwork has been done (the color is bright white). It looks really professional now. I updated my multi-touch table photoset on flickr:

Small multi-touch table.

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TimeTube Article in the G.I.T. Laboratory Journal

Our article about the project TimeTube we’ve been developing since last year has been published by the G.I.T Laboratory Journal Europe in the current Laboratory Journal issue 7-8/2008.

Snapshot from TimeTube Article
TimeTube article

Feel free to download the article TimeTube – Assist Scientists to Enhance Laboratory Scheduling in PDF format.


Prefuse Visualization Toolkit

I’m currently playing around with several visualization toolkits resp. visualization frameworks. There seem to be some very nice products on the (open source) market. I’m focussing on the Flash AS3 toolkit flare, because the multi-touch libraries are very nicely integrated with Flash. However, flare seems to be just an AS3 implementation of Prefuse, which seems to be exactly the same in Java (and has been there at first).

The main guy behind Prefuse (and flare as well) seems to be Jeffrey
from the Berkeley University’s Computer Science Division.

Anyway, Jeffrey seems to have a quite decent music taste as the name of Prefuse is related to one of the music projects (you don’t call them bands anymore…) of Warp Records:

Where did the “prefuse” name come from?
Prefuse intially began as a set of support classes for an experiment with different visualization algorithms, pursued within CS270, a graduate computer theory course at UC Berkeley. At the time, we (Alan Newberger and I) were listening to the electronica / hip-hop musician prefuse 73. The initial commit of the classes to a CVS repository forced us to give them a name. Following a sort of “you-are-what-you-eat” logic we named it after what we happened to be listening to at the time. Once enshrined as the name of the CVS module, the “prefuse” name stuck. Warp Records was even kind enough to provide permission to use the prefuse 73 track “Storm Returns” in the original prefuse demo video.

Here is a screencast from one of the visualization possibilites that Prefuse offers you the so called Treeview:

Here is a screencast from the Flare demo app:

Play around with the Flare Demo app online.

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Our University’s PR for the LabAutomation Travel Award Palm Springs for TimeTube

Drei Studierende der Fachhochschule haben den "Travel Award" der "Association for Laboratory Automation" (ALA) gewonnen und reisen im Januar in die USA. Axel Emmer, Johannes Luderschmidt und Frank Masur werden vom 26. bis 30. Januar 2008 an der LabAutomation2008 teilnehmen und dort ihre Arbeiten präsentieren.

Auf der alljährlich im kalifornischen Palm Springs stattfindenden Konferenz nehmen zahlreiche Spezialisten aus aller Welt teil und präsentieren ihre Neuheiten auf dem Gebiet der Laborautomation. Der "Travel Award" umfasst die Reise- und Hotelkosten, die Konferenzgebühren und die Kosten für einen "Short Course", summa summarum rund 10.000 Euro. Die Gewinner bekommen die Gelegenheit, ihre Arbeiten auf der Konferenz vorzustellen.

Bewerber für einen der begehrten "Travel Awards" müssen ein Abstract ihrer geplanten Präsentation, ihren Lebenslauf, Empfehlungsschreiben sowie ein persönliches Bewerbungsschreiben einschicken. Die drei Informatikstudenten aus Wiesbaden bewarben sich mit folgenden Themen:

  • "Generic simulation and graphical display of arbitrary Lab-on-the-Chip platforms" (Axel Emmer)
  • "TimeTube: A Haptic 3D Visualization Technique for Assisting Laboratory Staff in Scheduling Tasks" (Johannes Luderschmidt)
  • "AnIML – Managing Vast Amounts of Analytical Documentation Data using Containers" (Frank Masur)

Die Arbeiten der Studenten wurden von Prof. Dr. Reinhold Schäfer und Prof. Dr. Ralf Dörner von der Fachhochschule Wiesbaden sowie von Dr. Gary Kramer vom National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), USA, betreut.

look also here.

Multi-Touch Portfolio Visualization

Volvelles Impressions from Final Degree Show 2008 MA Communication Design

Side view Digital Volvelles interface

We presented our Digital Volvelles multi-touch application during the ‘Final Degree Show 2008’ of the MA Communication Design study programme at Central Saint Martins London College of Art and Design. View the
Multi-touch Volvelles exhibition Flickr set

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Our TimeTube poster at Laboratory Automation ’08 fair in Palm Springs

TimeTube poster miniature
I’ve been awarded a travel award by the Association of Laboratory Automation as a representative for our 3D interactive visualisation project TimeTube. Here’s a link to the poster program PDF of that fair: Laboratory Automation 08 :: Poster Program