Wivi: Wikipedia Visualization

Simon Lehmann, a fellow student of mine from the visualization classes of the Computer Sciences department at the Wiesbaden University of Applied Sciences, has created the very nice Wikipedia visualization Wivi in the work of his Diploma thesis:

Screenshot of Wivi
Screenshot of Wivi

Who has ever found oneself reading from one connected article to the next in Wikipedia may have wondered like me: How the hell did I get here? That is where Wivi comes in: it shows you the associative route in Wikipedia you took to get to the current article in the center.

There is more brilliant stuff about Wivi so just try out Wivi!

Anyway, Wivi is written in Actionscript 3 with Flash and Flex. The data visualization view is written with the help of the Actionscript framework Flare. In another post I’ve written about Flare and its Java analogon Prefuse.

P.S. We have already produced a multi-touch version of Wivi. So stay tuned for a video.

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