How to build a LLP (Laser Light Plane) multi-touch table

Georg Kaindl the developer of the Open Source multi-touch tracking software for OS X Touché has published a blog post about how a laser light multi-touch setup can be build on your own.

He has also published a video in which he presents how the laser light multi-touch table works:

DIY laser multi-touch table – Raw camera feed from Georg Kaindl on Vimeo.

Update: Some more links:
Nuigroup LLP Wiki page
Alex P’s initial LLP setup at the nuigroup

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  • Shorryter

    more links for that topic?
    And Bye.

  • Derech

    Hi there thankyou for your time and effort learning allot, about the LLP how many square meters do you think it could cover? could it cover an area of 45m2 for example? thankyou sooo much