iOS Swift Array of Plist

Swift 5 code: func getArrayOfPlist() -> Array { let path = Bundle.main.path(forResource: “content”, ofType: “plist”) var contentsArray = [String]() if let path = path { if let contentsXML = FileManager.default.contents(atPath: path) { do { let plistData = try PropertyListSerialization.propertyList(from: contentsXML, options: [], format: nil) contentsArray = plistData as! Array } catch { NSLog(“Error when decoding […]

PyMT – A Python Multi-Touch Framework

pymt demo reel from Thomas Hansen on Vimeo. With PyMT there is a new kid in town for visual multi-touch interaction frameworks, which is based on the scripting language Python and connects to TUIO producers like the Touchlib, reacTIVision or Touchsmart TUIO. Currently, the most multi-touch applications seem to be implemented in Flash AS3. Flash […]

Setting the Width and Height of an Object in Flex to 100% with Actionscript

Today I had the problem that i needed to create a Flex element by hand and apply to it a width of 100%. This goes as easy with MXML as this <mx:VBox id="wrapperBox"><mx:UIComponent width="100%" height="100%" id="elementXYZ"></mx:VBox> But you cannot code this to achieve the adding programatically with Actionscript: var elementXYZ:UIComponent = new UIComponent(); elementXYZ.width = […]

Remove Plesk default host from Apache conf in opensuse

Yesterday, I struggled with a problem on my virtual server that Plesk automatically sets /srv/www/vhosts/default/htdocs as the htdocs directory of the Apache. Anyway, the greatest advantage of the Apache configuration of opensuse is its biggest problem: everything is set up very modularly. There are many things you can edit and install with yast and there […]

Symbian SDK IllegalStateException: No application specified in JAD or command line

This is a bit off-topic for this blog but recently I’ve needed to cope with Java ME and my Nokia S60 device Nokia Navigator 6110. The problem: If you are doing what I have done and want to run an old midlet project with the Symbian SDK then do not forget to add all your […]

Mac OS X Multi-touch Tracking Software Touché

I just wanted to mention the great Open Source multi-touch tracking application Touché for Mac OS X from Georg Kaindl in my blog. Touché supports lots of image processing possibilities and is written purely in the Cocoa Objective-C framework from Apple. The Touché code can be accessed via Google Code. Touché supports loads of video […]