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Cocoapods Swift does not work with use_frameworks! Fix

I have a mixed Objective-C/Swift project and activated use_frameworks! in my podfile because I wanted to use a Swift-based pod. In order to enable the usage of the Objective-C-based pods in your Swift code, I thought it would be necessary to stick to the common approach of including the pods’ header files into a bridging header file and configure the project in Xcode accordingly. Like so.

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How to Prevent Dismissing Containing View Controller when Performing a Double-Tap on a UIPopoverController’s Background under iOS8 in Objective-C

When opening up a popover from a modal view (or another popover) on an iPad running iOS 8 and double-tapping on the background of the popover, not only the popover will be dismissed but also the modal view. This behavior was non-existant in iOS 7 and seems to be a bug in iOS 8.

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Prevent Opening Additional Popover View from Navigation Bar Button Using UIPopoverController

In a recent iOS project for the iPad, I wanted to open a popover view from a bar button in the navigation bar. However, tapping somewhere on the navigation bar would not dismiss the popover view but (depending on where I tapped on the bar) open an additional popover view or even navigate to another view controller.

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Mac OS X Multi-touch Tracking Software Touché

I just wanted to mention the great Open Source multi-touch tracking application Touché for Mac OS X from Georg Kaindl in my blog.

Touché supports lots of image processing possibilities and is written purely in the Cocoa Objective-C framework from Apple. The Touché code can be accessed via Google Code. Touché supports loads of video cameras amongst others the Pointgrey Firefly MV.

Touché produces TUIO OSC messages and also the TUIO XML analog for Flash rendering FLOSC unnecessary.

As far as I have seen and tested Touché it has a slightly bigger latency than the Touchlib with an appropriate Touchlib configuration.

However, Touché seems to be the best choice for everyone, who wants to use Mac OS X for the tracking in multi-touch setups. It is highly cofigurable. Georg Kaindl is developing Touché on his own. Thus, there is only one responsible, friendly and very capable programmer that can be easily contacted.

The discussion about Touché in the NUI group can be found here.

Finally, here is a video of Georg Kindl showing Touché on Vimeo:

Touché 1.0b3 + LLP Table Demo from Georg Kaindl on Vimeo.

There are more videos of Touché available.