Actionscript Flash Multi-Touch

A Multi-Touch Photo Browsing Application (with Source Code)

The Touchlib offers lots of Flash related possibilities to build your own multi-touch applications. There are even some demo applications included in the package in the code version of the Touchlib.

Thus I took a demo photo application from them and replaced their Flickr images with mine and exchanged the whole mechanism for dragging and scaling (and left out rotating) for my logic (resp. niqui merret‘s logic).

It’s just a me too photo app but nonetheless here we go:

Update: By common request I have decided to publish the source code: I put this code under the Creative Commons Attribution 2.5 License (this means that you can use the code literally for everything but must mention my name).

Flash Hochschule RheinMain Multi-Touch Visualization

Progress 2nd multi-touch table

My 2nd table now has got a lid and the paintwork has been done (the color is bright white). It looks really professional now. I updated my multi-touch table photoset on flickr:

Small multi-touch table.


My 2nd (so far unfinished) multi-touch table

(Update: The follow-up article can be found here.)

Fortunately I’ve got some money from the Computer Science faculty of the Wiesbaden University of Applied Sciences to build another (better) multi-touch table. I decided to try Tim Roth’s DSI technology. By using this technology it should be possible to use objects on the table that can be traced by a camera just like in the reactable project.

I made a photoset of this DSI multi-touch table on flickr:

DSI multi-touch table from FH Wiesbaden


‘Fun toys or maybe the next big technology thing’

Anja Merret , the mother of a collaboration partner of mine in the Digital Volvelles multi-touch project, Niqui Merret, wrote a blog entry about us while we were tinkering with the Nintendo Wiimote for our project (some time ago in April).

I really like that part:

‘The three whiz-kids converted our lounge/diningroom into a studio recently, with umpteen computers, a data projector, Wii remote perched on funky legs and other gadgets scattered randomly around. It’s a truly international collaboration with Johannes the multi-touch table developer coming from Germany, Mel the MA student from Austria and Niqui from South Africa. If this is what makes young adults happy, then the world is in a good space.’

Some pictures from that session:

Wiimote with legs

me and wiimote with legs

And a VIDEO:


Multi-touch hardware will come. But no one knows what to do with it.

Noch ist die Software allerdings zum Teil recht eingeschränkt und Forscher und Ingenieure sind sich längst nicht sicher, wie sie die großen Touchscreens am besten ausnutzen.

Multi-Touch Portfolio Visualization

Volvelles Impressions from Final Degree Show 2008 MA Communication Design

Side view Digital Volvelles interface

We presented our Digital Volvelles multi-touch application during the ‘Final Degree Show 2008’ of the MA Communication Design study programme at Central Saint Martins London College of Art and Design. View the
Multi-touch Volvelles exhibition Flickr set


Digital Volvelles project

early state of my multi-touch table

For my master’s thesis I’m doing some research work in the field of multi-touch applications. I’m trying to find out when multi-touch actually makes sense and what you have to keep in my mind when you’re designing and implementing a multi-touch application.

In order to accomplish this work I need to design, test and evaluate multi-touch applications. Therefore I will be working on a few projects throughout my master’s thesis.

One of those projects is the Digital Volvelles project: when I was in England for a term as a visiting student at the Royal Holloway University I met quite a few interesting people. With one of those, Mel, I started to work on the Digital Volvelles project, which will be a Flash application for the multi-touch table I’m currently building. So check out our Digital Volvelles project blog if you’re interested!