A Multi-Touch Photo Browsing Application (with Source Code)

The Touchlib offers lots of Flash related possibilities to build your own multi-touch applications. There are even some demo applications included in the package in the code version of the Touchlib.

Thus I took a demo photo application from them and replaced their Flickr images with mine and exchanged the whole mechanism for dragging and scaling (and left out rotating) for my logic (resp. niqui merret‘s logic).

It’s just a me too photo app but nonetheless here we go:

Update: By common request I have decided to publish the source code: FlickrPhotoApp.zip. I put this code under the Creative Commons Attribution 2.5 License (this means that you can use the code literally for everything but must mention my name).

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  • Very excellent application program, can let me experience in person, hope to get it.
    my E-mail:[email protected]
    Thank you!
    Greetings from Beijing, China

  • Justin

    Awesome. I just wondering if you made your own Multi-touch display there? Or did you purchase that? If you did make it your self could you email me the directions to make one myself I’ll have some time over the winter holidays to make one.

  • Hi Johannes

    Exellent! Are you interested in working more with this kind of stuff?

    I´d love to talk to you if you feel up to it. Send me an email or give me a call [email protected] / +45 26 22 86 41



  • @Justin

    You can find a nice Howto on how to build your own multi-touch setup here: http://modin.yuri.at/teaching/TangibleWorkshop/papers/multitouch.pdf

    I haven’t written a Howto myself, yet.

    Additionally, check out the forums at the NUI group: http://nuigroup.com/forums/ They have lots of inoformation available on how to build your own multi-touch setup.

  • towertech

    Nice work. I am intrigued with your adaptation of the Photo app that comes with Touchlib. I am wondering what elements of the code were altered to load non-Flickr (hopefully local) files. Any guidance would be appreciated. Thanks.

  • hi towertech,
    actually I am only using the Flickr part of the Touchlib photo app in my app. And I am loading only my own images from Flickr. But I have made a photo app as well that loads pictures from the same folder in which I put the SWF. For that purpose the SWF reads from an XML file in that directory, which images it should load. As I have recently changed some of the geomeric operations there are still some bugs in it. I will put it online as soon as I have got the most severe bugs out of it 😉

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  • Jerome


    Am I coming 2 years after your last message??…. Well hopefully you will answer!

    I’m using a mulitouch screen for a demonstration for my school and I would like to use your flickr application with my own photos.
    You said in a comment that you will put on the internet a photo application showing the picture in a specific folder… it was 2 years ago So hopefully you didn’t gave it up…
    is it possible to have this application?? it would be really helpful for my work

    Thank you verymuch !

    Jérôme ESCUDIER

  • hi jerome,
    there is a link to download the Flickr App in the article above. i copied and pasted the link for you:


  • Bruce

    Hi, whow i cam load photos from a specific folder?Ididn’t see in the code.

  • as far as i know (it’s been a while since then) you can only load photos from flickr.

  • Swapnil

    Really you are awesome why because 9 years ago multi touch technology was in it’s initial stage. But you have created cool application at that time only. Keep updating your blog about new and trending technologies.