‘Fun toys or maybe the next big technology thing’

Anja Merret , the mother of a collaboration partner of mine in the Digital Volvelles multi-touch project, Niqui Merret, wrote a blog entry about us while we were tinkering with the Nintendo Wiimote for our project (some time ago in April).

I really like that part:

‘The three whiz-kids converted our lounge/diningroom into a studio recently, with umpteen computers, a data projector, Wii remote perched on funky legs and other gadgets scattered randomly around. It’s a truly international collaboration with Johannes the multi-touch table developer coming from Germany, Mel the MA student from Austria and Niqui from South Africa. If this is what makes young adults happy, then the world is in a good space.’

Some pictures from that session:

Wiimote with legs

me and wiimote with legs

And a VIDEO:

By Johannes Luderschmidt