Digital Volvelles project

early state of my multi-touch table

For my master’s thesis I’m doing some research work in the field of multi-touch applications. I’m trying to find out when multi-touch actually makes sense and what you have to keep in my mind when you’re designing and implementing a multi-touch application.

In order to accomplish this work I need to design, test and evaluate multi-touch applications. Therefore I will be working on a few projects throughout my master’s thesis.

One of those projects is the Digital Volvelles project: when I was in England for a term as a visiting student at the Royal Holloway University I met quite a few interesting people. With one of those, Mel, I started to work on the Digital Volvelles project, which will be a Flash application for the multi-touch table I’m currently building. So check out our Digital Volvelles project blog if you’re interested!

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