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The TwinTable – A Multi-Touch Tabletop System for Tangible Interaction

The TwinTable is a multi-touch tabletop system that Simon Lehmann and I have built at the RheinMain University. After my previous table, the Virttable, we wanted to go for something bigger and with Full HD. Furthermore, our goal was a table that could be used in a living environment. Therefore, we have chosen a height of 50 cm, which is roughly the same height as a coffee table. This allows us to integrate the TwinTable into our laboratory’s lounge suite.

Hochschule RheinMain Multi-Touch Projection

A Rear-Projection Mirror Fixture System for Multi-Touch Tabletops

Our multi-touch tabletop system TwinTable employs a rear-projected display with a diameter of approx. 46″. For the projection, we use an Acer H7350D DLP projector with FullHD resolution. In order to project the image correctly, we had to design a rear-projection mirror fixture system employing three mirrors.

Gestures Hochschule RheinMain In-the-Air microsoft kinect Multi-Touch

Combining the Microsoft Kinect with a Multi-Touch Tabletop System

In the context of our research work at the RheinMain University of Applied Sciences (see also, we combined two depth sensing cameras with a multi-touch tabletop system.

eclipse Flash Builder Subversion

Subversion Refactoring – Moving – Deleting Best Practices in eclipse’s subversive or subclipse Plugin

DISCLAIMER: If you use svn from the command line, this post is possibly irrelevant for you.

Possibly, you have found that post in a search engine, because you have had problems when doing refactoring in eclipse in a project checked out via svn.

Hochschule RheinMain Multi-Touch Tangible Interfaces tracking tuio

Actracktive – Combined Multi-Touch and Fiducial Tracking for FTIR and DI Setups

Actracktive screenshot

My colleague Simon Lehmann has built the tracking framework Actracktive.

Augmented Reality Gestures Multi-Touch Video Projection

Touchscreen Interface for Seamless Data Transfer Between the Real and Virtual Worlds

I still love the interaction between real documents and touch interfaces.


.htaccess Forward to New Domain with URL Parameters

If you move your web page to a new domain, you may want to forward users (and search engines in particular) that still access your page via the old domain to the new domain. However, if you use an underlying CMS or blog system you will want to keep the parameters after the domain name. E.g., if someone called you would want to forward it to For this purpose, I found the following .htaccess snippet handy:

3D Printing Authoring HCI Laser Cutting science

constructable: interactive lasercutting

A very nice research project that shows the strength of interactive authoring tools in combination with product design.


Living with Complexity – A Best Practice Approach

There Grandma, I Fixed it


A Few Impressions From ISE 2013 in Amsterdam

The ISE (Integrated Systems Electronics) is a »tradeshow for the professional AV and electronic systems industry«. If you are interested in multi-touch hardware like multi-touch tables, the ISE is the top venue in Europe. Therefore, I have attended the ISE in the last five years and want to share this year’s impressions with a focus on touch products.