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Subversion Refactoring – Moving – Deleting Best Practices in eclipse’s subversive or subclipse Plugin

DISCLAIMER: If you use svn from the command line, this post is possibly irrelevant for you.

Possibly, you have found that post in a search engine, because you have had problems when doing refactoring in eclipse in a project checked out via svn.

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Create New Project from Git Source in Flash Builder

Nowadays, more and more open source projects are hosted on Github – amongst others some great Actionscript-based projects. Actually, Git makes it simple to clone and import a working project to which you can actually commit changes (at least to your cloned, local repository). However, I found it quite complicated to get from the git link to a working project in Flash Builder: I needed to consider a few aspects to get everything up and working. I want to present the approach that worked for me in the following. If you know or figure out a better way, make sure to post it in the comments!

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Subversion Plugin Subclipse Proxy Server Settings in Eclipse or Flash Builder

Eclipse with SVN (e.g. Subclipse plugin) looks in three places for a proxy server configuration: