Recognize DisplayObject Transform Matrix Change Event in Flash AS3

If another object changes the transformation matrix of a DisplayObject, the DisplayObject has no means to recognize that it has been transformed, as it is transformed automatically. E.g., there is no kind of TRANSFORMATION_MATRIX_CHANGED event that is dispatched on the DisplayObject. If your DisplayObject still should react on a change of its transformation matrix, a […]

Remove ‘View Source’ from Adobe Air Debug Context Menu in Flash Builder

Recently I wondered how I can get rid of that “View Source” entry in the context menu of Adobe Air as I wanted to add my own context menu there. It turned out that I had to remove all the source folder entries in the project’s run configuration (see in the image above).

Flex Does Not Find Resource Bundles

Recently I had the problem that my Flex code, which used the ResourceManager, would not find the resource bundle, which contained all resources for my application. However, the application compiled but it would always crash whenever the first time a resource should be loaded. I checked my compiler arguments a 1000 times but everything was […]

Twitter AS3 library TwitterScript Flex Example

I have been looking around for Actionscript 3 libraries for the retrieval of data via the very nice Twitter API. Basically, TwitterScript seems to be a good choice for a Twitter Flash library as it wraps Twitter query URLs and packs the XML results automatically in arrays. However, as so often with Actionscript libraries there […]

Touchlib’s TUIO Actionscript 3 Classes Enhanced With Fiducial Support (Source Code)

Important: I discontinued the work for fiducialtuioas3. If you are starting a new project, consider using our new AS3 Tuio library Tuio AS3. As you most certainly came here because you want to use fiducials in AS3 find the according Tuio AS3 fiducial howto here. In his Bachelor thesis Frederic Frieß enhanced the original Touchlib […]

Remove Adobe Air Status Bar (in Flex Builder) [Update]

This is something so simple but it took me hours to figure it out (actually I do not know why): I wanted to remove the status bar from my Adobe Air application window. I use Flex Builder to develop my Air application. I wanted to remove the status bar in the bottom of the window […]

How to Generate Thumbnails with Adobe Air

This article from Kevin Hoyt’s blog has been a hell of a lot useful for me. It describes how thumbnails can be generated on the fly of high-res images with Adobe Air and how they can be saved to HD. As some code is missing in Kevin’s tutorial, here is the code of two Adobe […]