Remove Adobe Air Status Bar (in Flex Builder) [Update]

This is something so simple but it took me hours to figure it out (actually I do not know why): I wanted to remove the status bar from my Adobe Air application window. I use Flex Builder to develop my Air application.

I wanted to remove the status bar in the bottom of the window because it is useless and it looks bad in fullscreen mode.

As standard MXML element Flex Builder uses the mx:WindowedApplication. You just have to add a simple
and you get rid of that stupid status bar.

[Update 8. April 2009]
just causes the status bar to not being displayed. However, it is still there but not visible.

Thus, I added
in the title tag of WindowedApplication and implemented removeStatusBar(event) as following:

private function removeStatusBar(event:AIREvent):void{

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  • Tom E

    Fantastic! That was what I was looking for! Thank you for providing this Information.

  • Dave B

    Yes this prevented me from pulling my hair out – thanx

  • Jase21

    Ah.. !
    A bit late to see this one.
    Have been meditating on this for a long time..

  • Jase21

    Thanks !!

  • LeonBlade

    Thank you very much for this!
    I had NO idea how to remove this, thanks for the help!

  • Alex Fisherr

    Hi All,
    I used the same piece of code but getting a problem.
    “ArgumentError: Error #2025: The supplied DisplayObject must be a child of the caller” for the line
    Kindly help me to figure it out.
    Waiting for response

  • In Flash Builder 4.x the solution is much simpler…
    just add: showStatusBar=”false”

    in declaration (top of page in source view).

  • hi dummwiam,
    actually this has been written in the article above. In my case the status bar has not been shown but has still been there. thus, i needed to REALLY remove it…

  • José

    Great, i need it, thx, so much

  • Thank you! Very helpful. Thanks for sharing.


  • windowComplete=”(statusBar.parent as Group).removeElement(statusBar)”