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Flex Does Not Find Resource Bundles


Recently I had the problem that my Flex code, which used the ResourceManager, would not find the resource bundle, which contained all resources for my application. However, the application compiled but it would always crash whenever the first time a resource should be loaded. I checked my compiler arguments a 1000 times but everything was correct and did work well in another Flex application. The problem was that my resource bundle was not present in the ResourceManager, it just did not load it.

Actionscript Adobe Air Flash flex

Remove Adobe Air Status Bar (in Flex Builder) [Update]

This is something so simple but it took me hours to figure it out (actually I do not know why): I wanted to remove the status bar from my Adobe Air application window. I use Flex Builder to develop my Air application.

I wanted to remove the status bar in the bottom of the window because it is useless and it looks bad in fullscreen mode.

As standard MXML element Flex Builder uses the mx:WindowedApplication. You just have to add a simple
and you get rid of that stupid status bar.

[Update 8. April 2009]
just causes the status bar to not being displayed. However, it is still there but not visible.

Thus, I added
in the title tag of WindowedApplication and implemented removeStatusBar(event) as following:

private function removeStatusBar(event:AIREvent):void{