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Progress 2nd multi-touch table

My 2nd table now has got a lid and the paintwork has been done (the color is bright white). It looks really professional now. I updated my multi-touch table photoset on flickr:

Small multi-touch table.


My 2nd (so far unfinished) multi-touch table

(Update: The follow-up article can be found here.)

Fortunately I’ve got some money from the Computer Science faculty of the Wiesbaden University of Applied Sciences to build another (better) multi-touch table. I decided to try Tim Roth’s DSI technology. By using this technology it should be possible to use objects on the table that can be traced by a camera just like in the reactable project.

I made a photoset of this DSI multi-touch table on flickr:

DSI multi-touch table from FH Wiesbaden