How to Generate Thumbnails with Adobe Air

This article from Kevin Hoyt’s blog has been a hell of a lot useful for me. It describes how thumbnails can be generated on the fly of high-res images with Adobe Air and how they can be saved to HD. As some code is missing in Kevin’s tutorial, here is the code of two Adobe …

Vispol Tangible and Multi-Touch Interface Video

This video presents the results of the Bachelor thesis of Frederic Friess at the Vislab of the Wiesbaden University of Applied Sciences. I have been Frederic’s mentor under the guidance of Prof. Dr. Doerner for this work.

Vispol Multi-Touch Video

This video demonstrates the fundamental multi-touch functions of Vispol. The demonstrated functions contain the creation and modification of persons and objects and connections. Additionally, examples for the application of the layout functions in Vispol are being introduced. Click here for further information about Vispol. You can try out the mouse version of Vispol here.

Calculate and Set Bounds (Bounding Box) from Points in Google Maps Flash [Update]

I’ve got a list of points in my database, which I want to show neatly in a Google Maps Flash Map. Thus, I … calculate the bounding box around these points calculate the center of this bounding box set the zoom level of the map in a way that the zoomed cutout contains all points …

Figure out if you are using AS3 code in an Adobe Air application

I use my code in both an Adobe Flex and in an Adobe Air application. As I want to use the native menus of Adobe Air I want to prevent that my self-built menu is being added to the Air application. Thus, I need to figure out if the code is running in a Flex …