Python Dynamic Playlist Script for SHOUTcast Transcoder (for Linux)

If you want to provide music to a SHOUTcast server directly from the same server (instead of streaming it to the server from you PC) then SHOUTcast Transcoder is your weapon of choice.

However, out-of-the-box the SHOUTcast Transcoder supports only the playback of static playlists. If you, however, like me want to stream music from a FTP directory where the contents constantly change, you will find the rigid concept of static playlists quite unhandy. Although there are some webapps that support the server-side management of music content for the SHOUTcast transcoder (like Centova Cast), these are expensive and overkill for the above mentioned purpose.

Therefore, I wrote a script in Python that provides the mentioned functionality. Additionally, it can mix in a jingle now and then. Download the fully commented script.

You can also join the discussion in the Winamp forum.

Published by Johannes Luderschmidt

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