Using a MacBook with Bootcamp in Windows XP with an External Primary Monitor

Today I came across the problem that I needed to use a MacBook with our multi-touch table the Virttable.

Therefore, the screen of the MacBook must be enhanced onto a video projector that has been attached to the DVI port and this projector must be the primary screen. Anyway, Windows did not offer to me to select this projector as the primary screen. The only option was to extend the MacBook’s desktop to it. As I need to run the Touchlib’s config app on the Virttable this demands the video projector to be the primary screen.

It seems like the NVIDIA chip built into the MacBook does support this feature but somehow it is not mentioned in the driver’s inf file and because of that it is not possible to set an external monitor as primary screen in the display properties under Windows XP with this NVIDIA mobile GPU chip.

However, there is a project called laptopvideo2go, which aims to solve this problem with NVIDIA mobile GPU chips.

I needed to download this modded inf file and this driver archive.

Finally, I followed this illustrated installation process.

Published by Johannes Luderschmidt

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