Touchsmart TUIO from Georg Kaindl

Georg Kaindl, the guy who has written the Mac OS X multi-touch tracking software Touché has published Touchsmart TUIO. This is a piece of software, which produces TUIO messages on HP Touchsmart PCs (and any other NextWindow frame).

Thus, existing TUIO (multi-touch) applications like those from the nuigroup (which you can e.g. find here) can be used on HP Touchsmarts. Additionally, it allows the development of multi-touch applications on a small and reliable device. However, HP Touchsmart and the NextWindow frames have some drawbacks, which Georg presents us in his video about Touchsmart TUIO (with his charming Vienna accent):

Touchsmart TUIO Demo from Georg Kaindl on Vimeo.

Published by Johannes Luderschmidt

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