How to Compile the Touchlib

Actually, I have not configured the compilation of the Touchlib on my own, yet. But I have heard that it should be a hell of complicated. As I came upon the website of the original author of the Touchlib in which he gives a lot of hints, I wanted to post his page here: How to Compile the Touchlib.

Touchlib logo

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  • Falcon4ever

    This response might be a bit late but I just want to point out that compiling Touchlib isn’t that complicated.

    I created a small howto here: (other platforms suchs as ubuntu/fedora are also available).

    p.s. the website moved to (

  • i just remember that it was quite complicated to get all the environment variables and the library dependecies right. however, as i said, i haven’t compiled the touchlib on my own…

    anyway, Falcon4ever your tutorial is GREAT!