Google Maps Multi-touch Actionscript Code [Update_3]

Google Maps multi-touch image

After I published my youtube video on the Google Maps multi-touch app I have had some demands for the source code of this Google Maps multi-touch Flash application. Hence, I have decided to make the source code of it publicly available on Google Code. You will find the sources on the mapstouch Google Code download page.

To be able to use it you need to generate your own Google Maps Api key. Use this explanation on how to tweak the code and choose the appropriate URL for your API key in order to prevent the red DEBUG strings (you can still see those strings on the screen in the image on the top of this post):

Put your own Google Maps API key in the variable map.key in the class GoogleMapsPureAS. Use the qualified name of your computer in the URL e.g.


and not


to get rid of the red DEBUG strings on the screen. Additionally, opening the SWF file in the Flash Player is not possible if you don’t want to see the DEBUG string. Open it in your browser under the appropriate URL where your Google Maps API key has been registered for.

If you have got more questions just ask them in the comments.

Update: You need the Google Maps for Flash API that you can download here. You have to include the swc file from the folder lib of the uncompressed file either in your Flash GUI or put it into the libs folder of your Flex Builder project.

Update 2: Please beware that executing Google Maps on a local computer or in the intranet seems to be not committed according to Google’s license agreements (see comments).

Update 3: I’ve posted another (even more detailed) explanation how to remove the DEBUG strings in the forum of the nuigroup.. Additionally, i’ve updated the Downloads on the mapstouch Google code page.

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  • That’s an awesome demo. Just please keep in mind the terms of use for the API — desktop and intranet apps aren’t permitted. Thanks!

  • great work, i like the way to could hack it up to Goog Earth

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  • newman

    Hey i llike your new videos, but this is not reachable. So please reup, perhaps without a sony song :D.

    p.s i am not from sony.


  • @newman actually all 6 videos from me on youtube are reachable (at least from germany). which one do you say can not be reached and from which destination?

  • mnu7

    How to run google maps locally.
    While sign up for key ,it asks for website.
    What should be typed in URL as I want to run it and test it using flash cs3

  • satheesh

    I’ve added this to a Flash project and exported to Android.
    As I load it in the Android device it loads the map. But doesn’t enable the multi touch features.

    Have missed something?

  • hi satheesh,
    this code is actually only working with tuio touch events and not with native device touch events as it is targeted to be used on multi-touch tables and walls. i do not think this project is suitable for multi-touch on android or iOS devices, sorry.