Provision iOS IPA App for In-House Enterprise Distribution


Provisioning an iOS app for in-house distributione is damn complicated. As my efforts to do so were eventually successful, I decided to prepare this comprehensive tutorial documenting my best practice approach for future reference.
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Fix Broken WordPress RSS Feed Due to HTML Above the XML Declaration

HTML Code Before XML Declaration in  RSS Feed

I had the problem that my RSS feed was broken due to HTML that appeared above the XML declaration.
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A Gesture-Controlled Car User Interface

Well, the title says it all: »A New Car UI: How touch screen controls in cars should work«. I am not convinced that car user interfaces should work exactly that way but I have to admit that the user interface of this prototype is intriguing.
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Bash Script Batch Rename Image Files Employing Parameter Expansion


This one is a classic in the use of shell scripts: batch renaming (image) files. You can find solutions on how to batch rename files on stackoverflow (e.g., here and here).
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Prevent Opening Additional Popover View from Navigation Bar Button Using UIPopoverController


In a recent iOS project for the iPad, I wanted to open a popover view from a bar button in the navigation bar. However, tapping somewhere on the navigation bar would not dismiss the popover view but (depending on where I tapped on the bar) open an additional popover view or even navigate to another view controller.
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Creating Animated GIFs from the Command Line in Mac OS X Using Convert


You can easily create animated GIFs from the command line in Mac OS X (or Linux) using ImageMagick. To figure out if ImageMagick is installed open the application Terminal from the Utilities folder in Applications, type ‘convert’ and hit ‘Enter’. If something like »Version: ImageMagick 6.6.9-3 2011-04-04 Q16« and lots of options appear, ImageMagick is installed and you can proceed. If not, you can install it using MacPorts (look for ‘Mac OS X Binary Release’). install it using homebrew or MacPorts.
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SimProj: A Tool for the Calculation of Rear-Projection Mirroring

Screenshot of SimProj Application

The SimProj Project provides a Processing-based (and therefore Java-based) application that provides a GUI for the simulated calculation of a video projection setup. SimProj allows to add and manipulate virtual projectors, mirrors and projection planes in order to show how the projection is mirrored and which sizes, angles and positions the setup components require. SimProj can be configured to comfortably show all necessary measures that can be ‘easily’ (everyone who has ever built a rear-projection setup knows what ‘easily’ means in that context) transferred to the hardware setup.

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“Mind The Gap” – An Interactive 3D Visualization of the London Underground

3D Visualization London Underground

Bruno Imbrizi made a great interactive 3D visualization of the London Underground system.

Check out the visualization here.

via Transit Maps

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“The Internet As It Was In 1996” Video

Well, I guess time passed quickly…

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SecuVa – A Collaborative Gesture Framework Supporting Tabletop User Interfaces

Multi-touch Tabletop Collaborative Gesture .

In the course of his Master thesis at the Hochschule RheinMain, Tim Hofmann researched the possibilities of collaborative gestures on tabletop user interfaces. I supervised his thesis and am really impressed what Tim has created.

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