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Vispol at the “Moderner Staat” Fair in Berlin from 24. – 25. November 2009


My software Vispol will be shown at the booth of the state of Hessen/Germany at the fair “Moderner Staat” in Berlin on 24. and 25. November 2009.

It will be shown on the new really cool round [!] multi-touch and TUI table from sensory minds.

I will be there on both days.

microsoft surface Multi-Touch Tangible Interfaces

Microsoft Surface TUIO Overlay SurfaceToTuio


In terms of the NUI research project Squidy at the Konstanz University the TUIO overlay SurfaceToTuio has been developed for Microsoft Surface. Download the SurfaceToTuio component from the sourceforge project site (or via direct download).

SurfaceToTuio is available as source code only (there is no executable). However, you can just upload the SurfaceToTuio folder to your Surface, doubleclick the Visual Studio project and compile it in the Surface’s Visual Studio right away.

Finally, a decent software interface for a decent hardware.

Update: The project of the Konstanz University has a bug, which has been resolved by Julian. Check out the stuff in his repository.

Update 2: Now, another TUIO overlay is available for the Surface (2).

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Infrared Light Blocking Foil Test for FTIR Multi-Touch Tables

Figure 1: The Virttable’s display with (right) and without (left) the chosen IR blocking foil.

Some time back, I’ve bought some infrared blocking foil for the Virttable from the German foil store Ifoha. Infrared blocking foil is an approach for the blocking of ambient infrared light (e.g. from a light bulb or daylight) ONLY in a FTIR multi-touch setup as it blocks light that comes from above the table. I.e. in DI your hands reflect light that would be blocked by an IR blocking foil.

Multi-Touch Windows 7

BumpTop 3D Multi-Touch Desktop

BumpTop is a Windows Explorer-like application that offers intuitive gestural multi-touch interaction paradigms with piles of files and folders. Additionally, it has a 3D space in which you can navigate and decorate your workspace. You can copy files to and from your usb stick, to Facebook or you can send them via mail. It seems to be integrated well in Windows 7.

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Microsoft Surface Vision System

Very interesting: Surface tracks shapes with its vision system. There are five cameras in the Surface. The system has a very high resolution (dice can be tracked). Surface uses high-power leds with a mirror system.


Actionscript Adobe Air Featured Multi-Touch Success Stories Tangible Interfaces Visualization


I am going to present a few projects on my blog in which I collaborated in one or the other way. The project UNFOCUS – FOCUS is a multi-touch and TUI project that makes use of our fiducialtuioas3 classes.

UNFOCUS - FOCUS interface

What is UNFOCUS – FOCUS about?
How can we know what we do not see?

Actionscript Adobe Air Flash flex Hochschule RheinMain Multi-Touch Tangible Interfaces

Touchlib’s TUIO Actionscript 3 Classes Enhanced With Fiducial Support (Source Code)

Important: I discontinued the work for fiducialtuioas3. If you are starting a new project, consider using our new AS3 Tuio library Tuio AS3. As you most certainly came here because you want to use fiducials in AS3 find the according Tuio AS3 fiducial howto here.

In his Bachelor thesis Frederic Frieß enhanced the original Touchlib TUIO AS3 classes with support for fiducials (or to speak in TUIO terms with support for /tuio/2dobj messages).

fiducialtuioas3 Google code

Thus, the Touchlib’s TUIO classes can simply be replaced with Frederic’s classes and everything should still work as before. However, there is one slight change in the package structure: the TUIO classes are now lying inside the package tuio and not in the package

I have made Frederic’s Tuio Fiducial AS3 classes available on Google code in a project called fiducialtuioas3.

If you want to use reacTIVision fiducials in Flash, Flex or Adobe Air you are heartily invited to use these classes in your private and professional project.

Examples of what has been done so far with those classes:
Tangible Vispol
Pf Design Media Installation

If you have a nice project with fiducialtuioas3 it would be great if you shared a link with us via mail or in the comments.

Mac OS X Multi-Touch Multi-touch Games

Touchgrind and Sway iPhone Multi-Touch Games on MT Table

via fscklog


PyMT – A Python Multi-Touch Framework

pymt demo reel from Thomas Hansen on Vimeo.

With PyMT there is a new kid in town for visual multi-touch interaction frameworks, which is based on the scripting language Python and connects to TUIO producers like the Touchlib, reacTIVision or Touchsmart TUIO.

Currently, the most multi-touch applications seem to be implemented in Flash AS3. Flash is relatively easy to learn, offers great possibilities in interactive 2D animation programming and there seem to be of people that at least can make multi-touch things work in Flash by plugging modules together. Python has not so far been common for interaction or animation but for rapid, high-performance and professional “underneath the hood” server development.


Touchsmart TUIO from Georg Kaindl

Georg Kaindl, the guy who has written the Mac OS X multi-touch tracking software Touché has published Touchsmart TUIO. This is a piece of software, which produces TUIO messages on HP Touchsmart PCs (and any other NextWindow frame).

Thus, existing TUIO (multi-touch) applications like those from the nuigroup (which you can e.g. find here) can be used on HP Touchsmarts. Additionally, it allows the development of multi-touch applications on a small and reliable device. However, HP Touchsmart and the NextWindow frames have some drawbacks, which Georg presents us in his video about Touchsmart TUIO (with his charming Vienna accent):

Touchsmart TUIO Demo from Georg Kaindl on Vimeo.